Земля кочевников (на языке оригинала)
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Продолжительность: 108 мин.
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Земля кочевников (на языке оригинала)


Страна: USA
Год: 2020
Режиссёр: Chloe Zhao
Актёры: Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Angela Reyes, Douglas G. Soul, Patricia Grier, Carl R. Hughes
Язык: in English

In the small town of Empire, Nevada, a gypsum plant has closed. All residents of the city worked on it, therefore, left without earnings, they began to disperse. It took six months for no one to stay here. It was during this period in Fern (Francis McDormand) that her husband died. The lonely woman lost her home and went on a journey in her van. He is both a vehicle and a home. In search of seasonal work, Fern traveled through almost every state in America. Now a family for her has become a community of people like her, people without a roof over their heads and a stable job.
The drama «Nomadland» is based on the popular science book by Jessica Bruder. She worked on the script and took the director's chair for Chloe Zhao. In September 2020, the film received the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Later, at the Toronto International Film Festival, the drama won the Audience Award. This is the first time in history that two prestigious awards went to one film.

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Фильм транслируется в формате "2D"
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